F1 23 Saudi Arabia Setup: Optimal Race Car Setup • Dry Setup & Wet Setup

In the world of F1 2023, mastering the Saudi Arabia circuit demands precision. Crafting the perfect race car setup is an art - one that balances the scorching dry desert conditions and the unpredictable wet spells. Discover the secrets to an optimal setup for both dry and wet races.


F1 23 Bahrain: Setups, Track Guides & Rennstrategien

✓ F1 23 Bahrain Setup Rennen (Trocken & Regen Setup) ✓ F1 23 Bahrain Track Guide (Streckenerklärung, Bremspunkte, Gänge) ✓ F1 23 Bahrain Strategien für jede Renndistanz (20%, 35%, 50%, 100%) ✓ Jetzt Deine Rennergebnisse aus Bahrain hochladen und kostenlos an unserer Weltmeisterschaft teilnehmen!


F1 23

F1 23 Bahrain Setup F1 23 Bahrain Dry Setup for each race distance in MyTeam, Driver Career & Online Races Watch On YouTube Aerodynamics: Front Wing Aero 36 Rear Wing Aero 36 Transmission: On Throttle 56% Off Throttle 54% Suspension Geometry: Front Camber Update Rear Camber -*,**° Front Toe-Out  *,**°