F1 23 Saudi Arabia Setup: Optimal Race Car Setup • Dry Setup & Wet Setup

In the world of F1 2023, mastering the Saudi Arabia circuit demands precision. Crafting the perfect race car setup is an art - one that balances the scorching dry desert conditions and the unpredictable wet spells. Discover the secrets to an optimal setup for both dry and wet races.


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✓ F1 23 Bahrain Setup Rennen (Trocken & Regen Setup) ✓ F1 23 Bahrain Track Guide (Streckenerklärung, Bremspunkte, Gänge) ✓ F1 23 Bahrain Strategien für jede Renndistanz (20%, 35%, 50%, 100%) ✓ Jetzt Deine Rennergebnisse aus Bahrain hochladen und kostenlos an unserer Weltmeisterschaft teilnehmen!


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F1 23 Bahrain Setup F1 23 Bahrain Dry Setup for each race distance in MyTeam, Driver Career & Online Races Watch On YouTube Aerodynamics: Front Wing Aero 36 Rear Wing Aero 36 Transmission: On Throttle 56% Off Throttle 54% Suspension Geometry: Front Camber Update Rear Camber -*,**° Front Toe-Out  *,**°